Thread Lifting and the Places That Thread Lifts Can Be Used

It is an unavoidable consequence of ageing that our skin will begin to get saggier, baggier and more tired looking. Skin loses its elasticity over time, and the fat under the skin begins to thin. However, a saggy face can be due to a variety of factors aside from ageing – smoking; over-exposure to the […]

The Importance of Choosing a Medical Professional to Carry Out Your Medical Aesthetic Work.

Would you ask a plasterer to fix a broken tooth?   Consider the scenario – You are out to dinner one evening, you bite into a tasty morsel and ‘crack’, you break a tooth. You absolutely would not consider asking your next door neighbour, ‘Joe’, who happens to be a plasterer, to fix it back […]

What Causes Dark Circles around Your Eyes, and How We Treat Them with Dermal Fillers

Sooner or later we will all suffer from dark circles under our eyes. Dark circles around your eyes can appear for a large variety of reasons, including: Sleep deprivation and fatigue – When you are tired your skin becomes dull and pale and the dark tissues and blood vessels under your skin show through more. […]

Why We Don’t Use Permanent Fillers

There are many factors that can affect how our skin ages – too much sun, cold weather, lifestyle habits and diet, to name but a few. Ageing, obviously, also has an effect: The loss of elastin in the skin causes the skin to sag. This is caused by excessive exposure to the sun which damages […]

Love Island 2018 – Transformation with Facial Aesthetics

The Love Island Phenomenon Virtually everyone, even if they haven’t seen an episode of Love Island, has certainly heard it mentioned at least once. One of the hot gossip topics on Love Island 2018 is the transformation with facial aesthetics for some of the contestants. For those few who haven’t a clue about Love Island, […]

The top ten lifestyle factors that can cause ageing skin

Is your face looking older than you think it should? Why does your skin look so dull and lifeless? These questions can be answered by looking at the top ten lifestyle factors that can cause ageing skin. What are the top ten lifestyle factors that can cause ageing skin? Sun exposure Cold weather Smoking Alcohol […]

Reshaping Your Chin and Jaw Line Using Dermal Fillers

Not happy with your chin? We are experts at reshaping your chin and jaw line using dermal fillers! Dermal fillers are commonly used to combat the signs of ageing by using non-invasive, non-surgical methods. Often, when we think about anti-ageing aesthetic facial treatments, the most common ones that spring to mind are used for filling […]

Why Restylane is the Best Dermal Filler

In the constant battle to maintain, restore, and enhance fresh looking skin, we believe that Restylane is the best dermal filler for the job.   Your skin is amazing. It provides an ever present barrier between your body and the environment. It has to combat ageing; the effects of the weather, and life-style choices, such […]

Profhilo, PDO or Silhouette Soft – Which Treatment is for You?

With so much choice in non-invasive anti-aging treatments, like Profhilo, PDO or Silhouette Soft – which treatment is right for you?   As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and the fat in your face begins to decrease and migrate downwards. This process results in the appearance of wrinkles, naso-labial lines and sagging skin. […]

Why We Feel That Azzalure Is The Best Toxin

Giving you a more natural younger look, with fewer injections is just one reason why we feel that Azzalure is the best toxin when it comes to anti-aging treatment.   No longer just for the rich and famous… Anti-aging injections have been used as medical aesthetic treatments for decades. What was once purely an anti-ageing […]

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