New Dublin Aesthetics Clinic Now Open!

On Monday 3rd December 2018, our new Dublin Aesthetics Clinic opened its doors to the public for the first time. Located at No. 13 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2, in a stunning townhouse, we are conveniently placed close to the Camden Court Hotel, which provides an ideal parking spot only two minutes walk away from the […]

Banish Smoker’s Lines with Dermal Fillers

As we age, a common complaint that affects us all is the appearance of fine vertical lies above our lips. These lines are more commonly referred to as ‘smoker’s lines’, and this term will bring to mind, (in people of a certain generation!), Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street with her cigarette hanging out of a […]

Eden Medical is the Cork Aesthetic Clinic of the Year 2018!

“The Cork Aesthetic Clinic of the Year 2018 award is all about the devotion to your specialty and to the clients that become long term friends. Our winner has built a five star business model that is all about trust, honesty and care.” This is what the judging team from the Cork Business Awards 2018, […]

Kardashians – Before and After Suspected Cosmetic Treatments

Unless you have been living on a desert island for the past few years with no access to the outside world, you cannot fail to have heard of the Kardashians. Both Kim Kardashian, friend of Paris Hilton, one time star of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, and half of the (in)famous celebrity couple, ‘Kim and […]

The Rise in Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

Why is there such a rise in non-surgical nose jobs? According to WhatClinic.com, the private clinic comparison website; the interest in non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose jobs), increased by 29% in 2016. At the same time, the interest in invasive, surgical rhinoplasty had dropped by 5%. This rise could be attributed to many factors, not the least […]

Baby Doses of Botulinum Toxin – not for babies!

DON’T Panic!!!  – Baby doses of botulinum toxin is not an aesthetic treatment for babies!!! Everybody has heard of botulinum toxin. It is a beauty treatment used for eliminating the appearance of wrinkles that has been around for nearly twenty years. This treatment involves the injection of botulinum toxin into specific areas of the face […]

Thread Lifting and the Places That Thread Lifts Can Be Used

It is an unavoidable consequence of ageing that our skin will begin to get saggier, baggier and more tired looking. Skin loses its elasticity over time, and the fat under the skin begins to thin. However, a saggy face can be due to a variety of factors aside from ageing – smoking; over-exposure to the […]

The Importance of Choosing a Medical Professional to Carry Out Your Medical Aesthetic Work.

Would you ask a plasterer to fix a broken tooth?   Consider the scenario – You are out to dinner one evening, you bite into a tasty morsel and ‘crack’, you break a tooth. You absolutely would not consider asking your next door neighbour, ‘Joe’, who happens to be a plasterer, to fix it back […]

What Causes Dark Circles around Your Eyes, and How We Treat Them with Dermal Fillers

Sooner or later we will all suffer from dark circles under our eyes. Dark circles around your eyes can appear for a large variety of reasons, including: Sleep deprivation and fatigue – When you are tired your skin becomes dull and pale and the dark tissues and blood vessels under your skin show through more. […]

Why We Don’t Use Permanent Fillers

There are many factors that can affect how our skin ages – too much sun, cold weather, lifestyle habits and diet, to name but a few. Ageing, obviously, also has an effect: The loss of elastin in the skin causes the skin to sag. This is caused by excessive exposure to the sun which damages […]

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