Skin rejuvenation with pdo thread lifting

Eden_Medical| March 5, 2018

Skin rejuvenation with pdo thread lifting

We can all still feel like teenagers at times; there’s nothing like catching sight of yourself in the mirror to bring you back to reality! If you’re one of the many who would love to get rid of sagging skin around the face or neck, skin rejuvenation with PDO Thread Lifting works a treat.

Sounds amazing – what is PDO Thread Lifting?

Skin rejuvenation with PDO Thread Lifting is a less invasive alternative to the traditional facelift.

The process involves implanting fine, absorbable polydioxanone threads into the subcutaneous layer of the skin using multiple small needles with threads attached. The needles are places into specific areas of the face and neck, when the needles are removed the thread is left behind. While PDO (polydioxanone) has been used in surgery for many years, the fact that it helps stimulate collagen production resulted in the development of thread lifting – great news for those of us frustrated by our sagging skin!

Once the needles have been removed we begin to pull gently on the cog threads, tiny barbs of cogs catch on the tissue causing micro-injuries that stimulate the collagen synthesis and tighten the skin. It is this stimulated collagen activity that increases the longevity of treatment results. The threads left inside absorb into the body after 6-9 months leaving new collagen in their place.

Skin rejuvenation with PDO Thread Lifting is a none-invasive treatment; you are fully conscious throughout the process which means you can approve the look mid-process. Once pulled and tightened for the best result the threads are knotted with the knots becoming hidden under the skin. Any scarring will be virtually invisible.

How long does skin rejuvenation with PDO Thread Lifting take?

Using a local anaesthetic the procedure takes around an hour depending on the treatment area, which isn’t long at all, and the good news is the results are noticeable immediately! Side effects are minimal; some people may experience a little swelling or bruising. If this is the case it will be gone in 2-3 days. Your PDO Thread Lift can last you as long as three years.

Unless you have an intense fear of needles, this skin rejuvenation PDO Thread Lifting is the perfect way to make cosmetic enhancements that will have you smiling at your reflection rather than avoiding mirrors.

If you’re developing signs of early aging, like minor facial sagging, or have sagging skin around your neck and face due to weight loss, this non-invasive procedure is a confidence booster you will love.

Talk to the team at Eden Medical Clinic about skin rejuvenation with PDO Thread Lifting, or book your consultation right now!

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