What to expect from botox

Eden_Medical| April 20, 2018

What to expect from botox

The effects and the duration

If you have considered having Botox treatments to give yourself a more youthful look, but are unsure as to what to expect, then let us set your mind at rest on what to expect from Botox – the effects and duration.

Botox treatments have been around for several years but have changed considerably since the early days. There was a time when it would be obvious that someone had used Botox, as their face would have a stiff, unnatural look about it; but due to constant improvements, it is now possible to be in close proximity to someone who has had Botox treatments and not be able to tell.

Why would I use Botox?

The main reason to use Botox treatments is as an anti-wrinkle treatment. Over time and with constant use, the muscles of your face will start to cause permanent lines, or wrinkles, on your face. These can manifest as laughter lines, frown lines, forehead lines, smoker’s lines and crow’s feet. With the careful placement of Botox injections, these wrinkles can be treated and your face will appear fresher and younger.

What can I expect from the Botox treatment – What happens during the treatment?

Before you receive any treatment, you will have a full consultation with one of our fully qualified medical practitioners. They will discuss whether or not you are a suitable candidate for treatment; assess the size and placement of wrinkles, and come up with a fully customised treatment plan and final treatment goal.

The actual treatment will only take around 15 minutes to complete. The doctor will apply a small amount of local anaesthetic to the injection sites and then small amounts of the Botox treatment will be administered.

The Botox injections will work on the muscles that are causing the wrinkles. These muscles will relax, thereby giving your face a smoother, younger look.

Don’t be alarmed, or disappointed if you do not see an immediate result. Botox injections can take from 2 – 14 days to have an effect.


How long will the effects last?

The effects of Botox injections generally last for around 3 – 4 months. The substances in the injections are broken down and absorbed naturally in the body and so treatments will need to be repeated if you wish to maintain your younger look. Every person is different so the length of time that your treatment will last may not be the same as anybody else. Other factors that can affect the length of time that the treatment lasts are:

  • The muscles are stronger at the first treatment so the effects will wear off quicker
  • Different rates of metabolism – some people will breakdown the toxins quicker than others
  • Hard cardio exercise can shorten the length of time that the treatment is effective for
  • Over time, and after repeated injections, the muscles will weaken, thereby causing the treatment to last longer


If you think that Botox treatments may be for you, then contact us at the Eden Medical Clinic for a more in depth consultation.

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