After the age of thirty we all start to show signs of ageing and we should begin to think about using different methods to preserve our youthful looks.

The skin on our faces and necks starts to lose collagen and elastin and is less hydrated, therefore more prone to looking tired and wrinkly. It has been possible, for some time, to treat these signs of facial ageing with both surgical and non-surgical methods, but the neck has been an area that is more difficult to deal with.

Now you can get a more youthful neck with Profhilo treatment.

Using Profhilo to give you a more youthful neck is the perfect non-surgical method. Manufactured from hyaluronic acid, treating crȇpey skin and a ‘turkey’ neck, has never been easier. Not only does Profhilo plump up the skin and give a more youthful appearance, it ‘curls’ wrinkles using a patented technology. The skin is tightened, looks fresher, and becomes more hydrated.


How will Profhilo give me a more youthful neck?

All the while that Profhilo is present it promotes the production of four different types of elastin and collagen, producing a natural look and also encouraging your own body to help in the process of producing younger looking skin, giving you a more youthful neck.


How does the treatment take place?

After an initial consultation with our qualified, professional, medical practitioners, a detailed treatment plan, with a designated end result, is drawn up. This plan is tailored entirely to the individual.

One course of treatment consists of two sets of injections four weeks apart from each other. A local anaesthetic is applied to the injection sites to minimise your discomfort before the treatment takes place.


Who should think about using Profhilo for a more youthful neck?

If you are over the age of thirty you can get a more youthful neck with Profhilo; however this is a particularly good way of treating a wrinkly neck for those aged between forty and sixty. People over sixty can still benefit from treatment, but may not see as much of an improvement without further top up treatments as their wrinkles may be deeper.


Is Profhilo a safe treatment?

As Profhilo is manufactured using hyaluronic acid which is a compound that occurs naturally in the body, it is a very safe treatment.


Are there any side effects of the Profhilo treatment?

There are minimal side effects from the Profhilo treatment and these are generally to do with the injection rather than the actual compound. There may be some redness and bruising at the injection sites, but this will resolve itself within two or three days.


How long will the effects of the Profhilo treatment last?

This treatment can last for around six months. As each individual has a different rate of metabolism this period will vary from person to person.


If you would like to get a more youthful neck with Profhilo treatments contact us today to book your free consultation.