With the leaves just beginning to change colour and a distinct chill to the air in the early mornings, we know that autumn has arrived. A favourite time of year, autumn conjures visions of frosty walks in the woods; snuggling in front of the television with the heating on. Don’t forget about the importance of skin hydration, especially with the upcoming Christmas season, and all those parties. In this blog, we look at why skin hydration in colder weather is so important.

Whether you are outside in cold winds that draw the moisture out of your skin, or inside toasting yourself with the central heating, your skin is going to take a beating. Hot showers will also strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it feeling very dry, irritated and itchy.

One of the best ways to combat the effects of dry air is to make sure that you use a good moisturiser several times a day to feed your skin. If your lips are chapped, you use a chapstick, think of moisturiser as a giant chapstick for your whole body. Another balm to sore skin is to pat your skin dry after taking a shower or bath – rubbing will irritate the skin. Also, make sure the water isn’t too hot, and add good quality bath oils.

A humidifier in the room will put moisture into the air and help with your skin hydration. Move the humidifier from room to room, and also use it in the bedroom at night.

The easiest way to stay hydrated is probably the most obvious, and that is to drink plenty of liquids. Try swapping out high caffeine content teas and coffee for herbal and green teas which are much better for your metabolism.


Try Profhilo for skin hydration


skin rehydration

If, after all of this, you still feel that your skin hydration could do with a boost, then there are always non-invasive skin treatments, such as Profhilo, which you can have. Profhilo is an injectable material produced from Hyaluronic Acid. This is a substance that occurs naturally in the body, thereby making it a safe material for virtually everyone.

We select injection sites in the treatment area and introduce the material under the skin. Profhilo treatments are dermal fillers that promote the growth of four different types of collagen and elastin in the skin. The treatment also attracts water molecules, making the skin more hydrated, giving you a fresher and younger look.

The Profhilo eventually breaks down in the skin, meaning that you will need to have follow on treatments every six months or so if you wish to maintain your fresher look. However, as the skin begins to rehydrate itself, it is possible that you will need to inject less material each time.


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