We have finally made it to June and, although the weather could certainly do with a shake up, we are on the final run to the summer holidays. It’s time to get summer ready with Eden Medical!

If you look on any supermarket, or newsagent shelf you will find magazines with articles that tell you how you can get yourself a beach ready body in a few weeks. Generally though, the only mention that there is of your face and your skin is in relation to making sure that you use plenty of sun screen.

You can however, get summer ready with Eden Medical where we have a wide range of treatments that can help you to look your best for any occasion this summer. These include:

Anti-wrinkle injections – these are botulinum toxin injections which work by blocking the nerve impulses to the muscles of your face that, over time, cause wrinkles and permanent lines to form. These muscles will gradually relax and give your skin a smoother look.

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to treat:

Dermal fillers – these are injections of Hyaluronic Acid that are used to smooth the appearance of deep grooves and facial wrinkles. They lift and smooth folds and wrinkles by adding volume and they give definition and structural support to the face.

Popular areas of treatment include:Get Summer Ready with Eden Medical, Cork, Dublin, Killarney, Limerick

Hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate the skin by attracting water molecules to the skin and also promotes the growth of collagen and elastin.

Multi-point face lift – this treatment is also known as the ‘eight point’ facelift, due to the eight areas on each side of the face that are injected.

These areas are:

Thread-lifting – this is a non-surgical method of achieving a younger-looking face and neck by implanting fine, barbed threads under the skin. These are pulled and tighten the skin.

Areas suitable for treatment are:

The threads cause an inflammatory response which promotes collagen production. This also improves blood flow to the area which makes the skin look fresher.

Hyperhydrosis – not a treatment that may immediately spring to mind is the treatment for excess sweating. During the summer, hyperhydrosis symptoms can be significantly worse, and make a sufferer feel even more self-conscious than they may do already.

This treatment uses botulinum toxin injections to block the production of acetylcholine, the chemical that stimulates the sweat glands. This inhibits the production of sweat.

If you would like to get summer ready with Eden Medical, give us a call or drop into one of our  clinics and book a free consultation to talk to a medical professional about these, or our other treatments… and don’t forget MAKE SURE YOU USE PLENTY OF SUNSCREEN!