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Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments

Non-invasive treatments for hair loss or skin rejuvenation


A small amount of your blood is extracted and placed into a state of the art centrifuge, where the protein rich plasma is extracted. Topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the areas where the injections are to be given, and then the PRP will be injected into your skin. The PRP stimulates growth of collagen and improves blood flow to the areas treated.


As the PRP is extracted from each patient individually, there should be no adverse reactions or contraindications. However, you must inform the medical practitioner of any steroidal treatment or anti-coagulant medication that you may be receiving. If you are pregnant; have received skin radiation within the previous 12 months; use specific acne cream; suffer from facial eczema or rosacea; scar easily or do not heal well, you should avoid this treatment.


€ 495 per session

If you’re concerned about hair loss or looking for a skin rejuvenation treatment, protein rich plasma (PRP) treatments, available in all our clinics are the ideal non-invasive treatments to consider.


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6-12 Months

What are PRP treatments?

PRP treatments are a non-invasive way to provide stimulation to the body to enable re-growth of hair, and to tighten facial skin using protein rich plasma extracted from the patient’s own blood. This plasma contains growth factors that stimulate the production of collagen.

Are PRP treatments safe?

As the blood used derives from the patient themselves, there will be no incompatibility issues that could be the cause of an adverse allergic reaction, so the treatment should be safe for everyone. Non-invasive treatments for hair loss or skin rejuvenation.

Results Range

The effects of the treatment such as increased collagen levels to increase laxity and make the skin appear rejuvenated can be seen for up to 12 months. Top up treatments will keep improving the effects.

Side Effects

Day 1 – very red face
Day 2 – your skin will have the appearance of mild sunburn
Bruising related to injection sites., that will take 1-3 days to fade

After Care

Pay particular care to your skincare routine
Do not wear make up for 48 hours post treatment
Avoid skincare acids for at least a week to avoid infection.

Areas of treatment

  • The face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Hands
  • Areas of scarring
  • Areas of hair loss on the scalp

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