FOBO – Fear of Botulinum toxin

Eden_Medical| January 20, 2018

FOBO – Fear of Botulinum toxin

So you’re hitting you’re late 20s/ early 30s and noticing those lines deepening more than you can handle?
Tried a few anti aging creams but no improvement?
“I can’t get ‘Botulinum toxin’.. that’s so Hollywood but a few people I know have gotten it and it looks great on them…. But still and all.. I’ve got FOBO (fear of ‘Botulinum toxin’)
I myself decided to get some abti wrinkle injections for my 30th birthday and was absolutely delighted I did. I will admit I had a few fears that maybe I can help you relax about



Botulinum toxin at Eden Medical Clinic is one if not the most affordable in Cork. 3 areas at the moment is €225 which when you think about how much time you fret over those lines and how much we spend on make -up and lotions and potions to improve how you look, it’s not that much to part with when you see the results. At Eden, Dr. Emma uses the highest quality products available so you know you’re getting the best treatment around. Emma uses a range of products including ‘Azzalure’, ‘Dysport’ and ‘Botulinum toxin’.


Length of Time of Results

I got my ‘Botulinum toxin’ the day after my birthday on the 28th of March and I still find the results are great. My deepest lines were 2 on my forehead and these are barely setting back in. I feel like I won’t need treatment again for at least a month. That will be 4 months of great results.


Frozen Look

The last thing in the world I would want is a frozen look. I wanted natural, ease of movement and reduced or erased lines. This is exactly what I got. The 3 areas that Dr. Emma injected were:

1)    The Forehead (my dreaded 2 lines)

2)    Above the bridge of the nose (the grumpy frown lines, over used at times)

3)    The crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes (also a horror area for photos)

It takes 2 weeks for the ‘Botulinum toxin’ to set in fully and I was so impressed with my before and after pics. I couldn’t believe the difference but at the same time no one noticed which is exactly what I wanted.



I literally dry reach at the sight of a needle but I just closed my eyes for the most of treatment and Emma was very gentle. All I felt was the lightest of pinches. I even plucked up the courage to open my eyes a few times. The clinic treatment room itself is very relaxing and Dr. Emma completely put me at ease. She is very calming. I felt safe in her hands.

So what are you waiting for? Mr. Grey will see you now 😉

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