FOLP – Fear of Lip Fillers

Eden_Medical| February 1, 2018

FOLP – Fear of Lip Fillers

Ever have major FOMO? (Fear of missing out) God that gig looks amazing, I can’t go! That party looked like such a laugh I had to study! Well welcome to the lip juicy 2017 – FOLP – fear of lip fillers!

Lips are such an important part of facial beauty. For many people, fuller and more sensuous lips are a big aspect to feeling more attractive and confident. And if you want lip fillers, well what’s stopping you? FOLP! So what exactly are we all afraid of when it comes to taking the plunge and getting lip fillers for the first time?


1) Trout Pout

No one wants fish lips right? 1 ml is the average amount used when creating more accentuated lips and this creates a beautiful natural increase. Want to be more subtle? No problem! Half a mil is the perfect solution for a slight increase in shape and size


2)    Allergic Reaction:

Will I get a reaction to the filler put in? Absolutely not. FDA approved hyaluronic acid is found in our product called ‘Restylane Kysse’ and this substance is naturally found in your own lips, so we are basically just adding more of what is already there.


3)    Downtime

Will I be out of work or be unable to go out? No. You may have minor swelling for up to 3 days but this is very slight and generally unnoticeable. We suggest icing the area for 20 minutes that night and using a pillow when sleeping to keep your head elevated.


4)    Pain!

Yes a needle is used but due to the recent addition of a numbing agent to the filler product, clients have reported only minimal discomfort during the procedure. In addition, we use a prescription strength numbing cream so don’t be a chicken! 🙂


5)    Expensive

Lip Fillers certainly aren’t cheap but considering you will get to enjoy the results for up to 6 months, they are a great investment in your personal appearance : )Eden Medical Clinic offers some of the best prices in Cork. We only use top quality products and at an affordable price.

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