Profhilo – An Exciting Development in Injectable Treatments

Winner of Product Innovation of the Year, 2016 at The Aesthetics Wards, Profhilo is a new, effective and natural looking non-surgical facelift treatment that addresses skin laxity, not just lines and wrinkles.

If your skin is suitable for Derma Filler treatment it is suitable for Profhilo also. Profhilo hydrates your skin from the inside out. It is the first BDDE-free stabilised injective Hyaluronic Acid (HA) based product for treating skin laxity. Profhilo uses patented technologies for skin remodelling and a revolutionary concept of ‘curling’ wrinkles rather than ‘filling’ them.

Sound like a treatment ladies, or gentlemen, of a certain age could be queuing up for!

So, how does Profhilo work?

Once injected into the skin Profhilo, a stimulator of four different types of collagen and elastin, takes place by the slow release of HA. It remains in the skin for around 28 days with the stimulation tightening and lifting the tissue resulting in significant tissue improvement, renewing the skin from within. The unique characteristics of Profhilo visibly improve skin condition after just two sessions with the need for only five points of injection to offer you maximum comfort during treatment.


Where can Profhilo be used?

The most popular area for Profhilo treatment is the face but it can also be used to treat sagging skin on the neck, décolletage, upper arms, hands and knees. Anyone over 30, women and men, with no upper age limit, can be successfully treated with Profhilo.

What are the results?

After just one course of Profhilo treatment (two injectable treatments four weeks apart) you should see an intense hydration of the skin. It will feel smoother and tighter, fine lines can disappear, even clients with more wrinkled skin will see an improvement. Treatment will last up to six months, when it can be repeated if desired.

Are there side-effects?

The only recorded side effects of Profhilo treatment are bruising and mild swelling at the injection sites. These are related to the needle not the product and quickly disappear. The treatment area may feel tender to touch; this is normal and will ease in a few days.

To round things off this exciting Profhilo treatment can help to:-

·         Increase skin firmness

·         Tighten and lift the skin

·         Rehydrate the skin

·         Improve skin tone and texture

·         Restore radiance

If Profhilo treatment sounds right up your street get in touch with the team at Eden Medical to book a free consultation today.

Skin Rejuvenation with PDO Thread Lifting

We can all still feel like teenagers at times; there’s nothing like catching sight of yourself in the mirror to bring you back to reality! If you’re one of the many who would love to get rid of sagging skin around the face or neck, skin rejuvenation with PDO Thread Lifting works a treat.

Sounds amazing – what is PDO Thread Lifting?

Skin rejuvenation with PDO Thread Lifting is a less invasive alternative to the traditional facelift.

The process involves implanting fine, absorbable polydioxanone threads into the subcutaneous layer of the skin using multiple small needles with threads attached. The needles are places into specific areas of the face and neck, when the needles are removed the thread is left behind. While PDO (polydioxanone) has been used in surgery for many years, the fact that it helps stimulate collagen production resulted in the development of thread lifting – great news for those of us frustrated by our sagging skin!

Thread Lifting.jpg

Once the needles have been removed we begin to pull gently on the cog threads, tiny barbs of cogs catch on the tissue causing micro-injuries that stimulate the collagen synthesis and tighten the skin. It is this stimulated collagen activity that increases the longevity of treatment results. The threads left inside absorb into the body after 6-9 months leaving new collagen in their place.

Skin rejuvenation with PDO Thread Lifting is a none-invasive treatment; you are fully conscious throughout the process which means you can approve the look mid-process. Once pulled and tightened for the best result the threads are knotted with the knots becoming hidden under the skin. Any scarring will be virtually invisible.

How long does skin rejuvenation with PDO Thread Lifting take?

Using a local anaesthetic the procedure takes around an hour depending on the treatment area, which isn’t long at all, and the good news is the results are noticeable immediately! Side effects are minimal; some people may experience a little swelling or bruising. If this is the case it will be gone in 2-3 days. Your PDO Thread Lift can last you as long as three years.

Unless you have an intense fear of needles, this skin rejuvenation PDO Thread Lifting is the perfect way to make cosmetic enhancements that will have you smiling at your reflection rather than avoiding mirrors.

If you’re developing signs of early aging, like minor facial sagging, or have sagging skin around your neck and face due to weight loss, this non-invasive procedure is a confidence booster you will love.

Talk to the team at Eden Medical Clinic about skin rejuvenation with PDO Thread Lifting, or book your consultation right now!


"Why did you choose Eden medical clinic to have your lip fillers ?"


"I have been wanting to get lip fillers for a long time now and I thought it best to do my research and find a clinic online. I searched on Google and came across Eden Medical Clinic. I  saw the five-star Google reviews and I said I would look you up on Facebook. I  then saw more five star reviews and I loved what people had to say about the clinic so I decided to book in. The price was also ideal at 325 euro for 1ml."


"That's great feedback to hear ! Thank you for choosing us for your lip fillers. How did your appointment go?"

"My appointment went really well. I had a consultation first and I decided to go for one mill of Restylane Kysse. The doctor and I thought that would be the perfect amount to create the look that I wanted. I wanted to add natural volume and I didn't want to be obvious that I had lip fillers done. I had numbing cream applied first which meant I had no pain during the injections. The injections themselves took about 10 minutes in general. She massaged my lips afterwards to make sure that the filler was smooth. I was advised to use ice that night and to also pick up Arnica cream at the chemist which is good to heal any bruising."


"How did you feel the day after your lip fillers ?"

"The next day I had some swelling but no bruising. The swelling didn't bother me as I knew it was temporary and it would go down within a day or two. I still could do everything I needed to do on that day like go to the shops and I even met a friend for lunch !The swelling didn't bother me that much at all."


"Did you go back for a review after your lip fillers?"

"Yes, I went back a week later to have my lips checked after the filler was placed .They felt perfect and I was considering to cancel my review as I knew I didn't need any further treatment. I went in anyways so that they could have a look. The doctor checked my lips to make sure that the filler felt really smooth which it did. I absolutely loved the look of my lips. They still looked like my own...the shape was the same, but with added volume and plenty of more lip to put lipliner and lipstick on. "


"Overall ,how would you rate your experience?"

"I would rate my experience as 10 out of 10. From start to finish the service was very professional, the staff were very friendly and made me feel at ease, and more importantly, the result was perfect and exactly what I wanted.I will definitely choose Eden in the future for more Lip Fillers . Thank you for the amazing treatment."





We interviewed a client after her Anti-Wrinkle Injections. Continue reading to see how she got on...




"Why did you choose Eden Medical Clinic to have your treatment done ? "


"I chose Eden medical clinic to have my treatment done as a lot of my friends have had their treatment done here and they have all been really happy. I was nervous to change clinic as I have been going to the last clinic for years but nonetheless I wanted to change . The price was just too expensive and I was confident I could get excellent results at Eden clinic and for a better price."


"Did you do any online research when deciding which clinic to go to ?"


"Yes, I did. After my friends mentioned your clinic to me, I looked you up on Facebook. I was stunned at the amount of 5 star reviews so I felt ready to book in with you."



"What treatment did you have done?"


"I had treatment done for wrinkles in my forehead and around my eyes. The lines here really got to me… especially after a long day at work ! I would look in the mirror and notice that my make up was stuck in the lines.  I felt really old and I couldn't wait to get rid of the lines."


"Tell us about your Anti Wrinkle Injection experience here at Eden medical clinic…"


"I booked my appointment over the phone with the receptionist who was very friendly and very informative. I was able to get an appointment within two days which was great for me as I wanted it done for an occasion that was coming up in 3 weeks .

I saw Dr. Sana for my treatment. She was so so nice. She explained everything to me very clearly and I felt completely confident in her. She cleaned my skin before she did any injections and then she took a photo of my wrinkles when I was resting and when I was moving my forehead and smiling. She put little marks with a pencil where she wanted to inject to get the best results for me. She then carried out the injections and it was over within five minutes. I had a small bit of discomfort during the injections but it was completely manageable and I didn't feel any sharp pain. She then gave me some after-care instructions which was basically not to do too much exercise that day and not to wear any more make up apart from some powder if I wanted to. She said she would see me again in two weeks for my treatment review.My skin was a tiny bit red for about 10 or 15 minutes after the treatment but it settled down and I went back to work afterwards ."


"How did you get on with the review two weeks later?"


"The review was very straightforward. I saw Dr. Sana again and she assessed my forehead and the area around my eyes. She said I needed a Little bit more in the forehead but my eye Area was perfect. I didn't even think I needed more in the forehead as I was so thrilled with the overall improvement. My lines weren't completely gone but I could barely see them unless I looked really closely at my skin. She said with repeated treatments the lines would continue to fade . 


I am absolutely thrilled with my results. I feel my make up is going on a lot better and it's great to look in the mirror and not see it stuck in the lines . I look very refreshed and everyone is telling me that I look great. I'll be back in 3 to 4 months for my next treatment at Eden medical clinic. Thanks so much for the fab results!"





Crow's Feet

They say you’re never fully dressed without a smile but who wants the proof off 1000s of happy smiles engrained around your eyes? Laughter lines, character lines or crow’s feet are one of the dreaded areas that women especially have been searching for a cure prevention for since the dawn of time.

Crow’s-feet develop with age, usually starting in the mid- to late-30s. The production of collagen and elastin, two proteins responsible for your skin’s elasticity, lessens with age and this leads to the formation of lines at the sides of your eyes called crow’s feet. There are 100s of products and home remedies that claim to reduce the appearance of these lines but isn’t it refreshing when something really just works?

'Botox’ or Botulinum toxin is in no doubt the answer if you want to reduce or even eradicate these lines and prevention certainly is better than cure when it comes to this procedure.

‘Botox’ can prevent deeper onset of these lines so getting the procedure before lines set in is a good idea.

The treatment is so simple and relatively painless and it only takes 10 mins.

A few tiny injections of the anti wrinkle solution will be administered directly into the muscles that causes the lines. The treatment will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

So let the crows have the feet! and smile without a ‘caw in the world ;)

Call us on 021 – 206 7768 or facebook us to book your appointment today 

area showing crow's feet

Gummy SMile? Problem Solved!




So you’re hitting you’re late 20s/ early 30s and noticing those lines deepening more than you can handle?
Tried a few anti aging creams but no improvement?
“I can’t get ‘botox’.. that’s so Hollywood but a few people I know have gotten it and it looks great on them…. But still and all.. I’ve got FOBO (fear of ‘botox’)
I myself decided to get some abti wrinkle injections for my 30th birthday and was absolutely delighted I did. I will admit I had a few fears that maybe I can help you relax about


Botox at Eden Medical Clinic is one if not the most affordable in Cork. 3 areas at the moment is €225 which when you think about how much time you fret over those lines and how much we spend on make -up and lotions and potions to improve how you look, it’s not that much to part with when you see the results. At Eden, Dr. Emma uses the highest quality products available so you know you’re getting the best treatment around. Emma uses a range of products including ‘Azzalure’, ‘Dysport’ and ‘Botox’.

Length of Time of Results

I got my ‘botox’ the day after my birthday on the 28th of March and I still find the results are great. My deepest lines were 2 on my forehead and these are barely setting back in. I feel like I won’t need treatment again for at least a month. That will be 4 months of great results.

Frozen Look

The last thing in the world I would want is a frozen look. I wanted natural, ease of movement and reduced or erased lines. This is exactly what I got. The 3 areas that Dr. Emma injected were:

1)    The Forehead (my dreaded 2 lines)

2)    Above the bridge of the nose (the grumpy frown lines, over used at times)

3)    The crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes (also a horror area for photos)

It takes 2 weeks for the ‘botox’ to set in fully and I was so impressed with my before and after pics. I couldn’t believe the difference but at the same time no one noticed which is exactly what I wanted.


I literally dry reach at the sight of a needle but I just closed my eyes for the most of treatment and Emma was very gentle. All I felt was the lightest of pinches. I even plucked up the courage to open my eyes a few times. The clinic treatment room itself is very relaxing and Dr. Emma completely put me at ease. She is very calming. I felt safe in her hands.

So what are you waiting for? Mr. Grey will see you now ;)




Ever have major FOMO? (Fear of missing out) God that gig looks amazing, I can’t go! That party looked like such a laugh I had to study! Well welcome to the lip juicy 2017 – FOLP – fear of lip fillers!

Lips are such an important part of facial beauty. For many people, fuller and more sensuous lips are a big aspect to feeling more attractive and confident. And if you want lip fillers, well what’s stopping you? FOLP! So what exactly are we all afraid of when it comes to taking the plunge and getting lip fillers for the first time?


1) Trout Pout

No one wants fish lips right? 1 ml is the average amount used when creating more accentuated lips and this creates a beautiful natural increase. Want to be more subtle? No problem! Half a mil is the perfect solution for aslight increase in shape and size


2)    Allergic Reaction: Will I get a reaction to the filler put in? Absolutely not. FDA approved hyaluronic acid is found in our product called ‘Restylane Kysse’ and this substance is naturally found in your own lips, so we are basically just adding more of what is already there.


3)    Downtime

Will I be out of work or be unable to go out? No. You may have minor swelling for up to 3 days but this is very slight and generally unnoticeable. We suggest icing the area for 20 minutes that night and using a pillow when sleeping to keep your head elevated.


4)    Pain!

Yes a needle is used but due to the recent addition of a numbing agent to the filler product, clients have reported only minimal discomfort during the procedure. In addition, we use a prescription strength numbing cream so don’t be a chicken! :)


5)    Expensive

 Lip Fillers certainly aren’t cheap but considering you will get to enjoy the results for up to 6 months, they are a great investment in your personal appearance : )Eden Medical Clinic offers some of the best prices in Cork. We only use top quality products and at an affordable price.