Why We Don’t Use Permanent Fillers

Sue Curran| July 31, 2018

Why We Don’t Use Permanent Fillers

There are many factors that can affect how our skin ages – too much sun, cold weather, lifestyle habits and diet, to name but a few. Ageing, obviously, also has an effect:

  • The loss of elastin in the skin causes the skin to sag. This is caused by excessive exposure to the sun which damages elastin, as well as the ageing process.
  • Formation of wrinkles – as our skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles that are caused by facial movement, become more visible and permanent. Most noticeably these lines are on the forehead, crow’s feet around the eyes, and lines around the mouth.
  • The loss, or migration, of fat beneath the skin can result in a pouchy looking face.

Happily these signs of ageing are all treatable with the use of non-surgical, cosmetic facial procedures.

Why we don’t use permanent fillers

Cosmetic enhancement, with the aid of dermal facial fillers, has been popular for decades; however methods have changed considerably since treatments first became available. It goes without saying that all treatments come with possible complications and side effects; the difference being that temporary filler results will only last for a relatively short period of time and are often immediately reversible, whereas, as the name suggests, permanent fillers are, well… permanent.

Why We Don’t Use Permanent Fillers

Many people will have heard about, even if they haven’t actually seen, Leslie Ash’s ‘trout pout’, which was the unfortunate outcome of permanent dermal filler treatment. We don’t use permanent fillers as they can cause permanent problems. As our faces age they change, so a permanent filler treatment that you have in your forties may look totally different when you are in your sixties. Permanent dermal fillers are also manufactured from materials that cannot be broken down in the body. This will mean that any mistakes, swelling, or adverse allergic reactions due to an immune response, will be permanent fixtures and may only be correctable with invasive surgery.

We only use temporary fillers

Temporary fillers, such as Restylane which we use in our clinics, are made from products that occur naturally within the skin. They will breakdown over time, but will also promote the production of elastin and attract water molecules into the skin, thereby improving hydration and producing a fresher, more youthful appearance. This does mean that repeat treatments will be necessary in order to maintain a particular look, but your treatment plan will always be totally adaptable and tailored personally to you.

If you are considering a dermal filler treatment why not book a free consultation with our friendly, professional medical staff?

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